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Talent Concept

  • 2022100808400510
    Let the passionate bloom.
    As a fledgling new energy company, LP boasts a new industry platform of vehicle manufacturing + great development of green transportation, which offers various development opportunities. Therefore, our desire for talents will be more urgent and we will cherish talents more.
    In line with the principle of "talent is the primary productivity", LP has always adhered to one idea, that is offering everyone who is willing to devote a stage to give full play to their talents, and giving people with inner drives (passion, positivity, initiative, dedication, loyalty and dedication) more development opportunities.
    We take the core values of openness and win-win as the criterion, fully respect, understand and care for employees, and strive to build an employment mechanism that recognizes, loves, cultivates, uses and retains talents. Adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit, we always insist on attracting ambitious talents with powerful drives to join us, and provide them with a broad development platform and exercise opportunities. Let the talented grow even faster on LP platform with might doubled, and give full play to your potential. While blooming yourself and achieving personal values, you are expected to contribute to the development of LP and realize the development and achievement sharing between individuals and the Company.
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    Learning and Growth
    As the old saying goes, “one discovers his ignorance only through learning, and learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back”.
    Learning is a lifelong process. Only by learning constantly can a person make continuous progress, growth and development, and achieve great success in career and life. In addition, we must pay attention to methods in learning. We should not only learn from others' good qualities, advanced experience and working methods, but also learn from others' lessons and mistakes, summarize laws from others' failures, and improve ourselves.
    Based on this, LP sets up the "Leading Lecture" to regularly share the course themes, which effectively passed on the core intellectual achievements internally. Meanwhile, it also sets up another stage for LP people who love learning, striving for progress and sharing, so that they can grow into excellent internal lecturers.
    In addition to the extraction of internal knowledge and experience, LP also pays attention to the introduction of external learning resources, such as middle and senior management training, professional training of fresh graduates, quality system training, etc., which helps LP people and LP grow together in all directions, and roots the concept of "learning from imitation, summarizing from learning and growing from summarizing" in the heart.

Talent Recruitment

  • New Platform for Industry Development
    Emerging in response to the rapid development of new energy, we are committed to becoming a battery expert who knows cars.
  • Competitive Salaries
    We provide satisfied salaries so that you can take root in LP and strive for the ideal.
  • Dual-channel Career Development
    We offer diversified development in LP for accelerating your growth and spiral promotion.
  • Considerate Benefits
    We provide five social insurances and one housing fund, paid leave, annual physical examination, birthday & holiday benefits, etc.

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We are looking for morality-oriented talents with balanced ability and integrity.
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