Surface Engineering Chemicals

Surface Engineering Chemicals

Company Profile

Guangdong Dazhi Chemical Technology Co. Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Hunan Lead Power Dazhi Technology Incorporated Company (stock code:300530.SZ), is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to developing, producing and selling electroplating additives. We boast proprietary core technologies, and at the same time, we have cooperated with authoritative research institutions and researchers at home and abroad to absorb the world's advanced R&D concepts and develop products that meet the different needs of customers in combination with the actual needs of domestic and foreign enterprises. At present, we have developed such environmental protection products as acidic zinc-nickel, zincate zinc plating series, alkaline cyanide-free zinc alloy series (zinc-nickel, zinc-tin, zinc-iron, zinc-cobalt), trivalent chromium-zinc passivator, chromium-free passivation, chemical nickel, sealing agent series and aluminum passivator series meeting the environmental requirements, and other environmental products in compliance with the requirements of EU RoHS. The products have been successfully applied in the fields of electronics, auto parts and hardware, and the Company has become a part of the industrial chain of Benz, BMW, Toyota, GM, Volvo, Panasonic, Huawei, ZTE and other internationally renowned enterprises. For many years, Dazhi Chemical has been adhering to the principle of focusing on customer demands, providing professional electroplating solutions for more than 300 electroplating factories. We have been implementing ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management systems to ensure the stability of product quality. Through our continuous efforts and pursuit, we will surely achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with our customers.

Green Pioneer with Limitless Innovation

Scientific research has always been a strong driving force for the development of Guangdong Dazhi Chemical. We have always adhered to the green, clean, environment-friendly and energy-saving R&D concepts, and continuously focused on the specifications and standards formulated by manufacturers of auto parts, electronics and electronic components, so as to ensure that our products meet the industry standards and help our customers achieve sustainable development,


  • 前处理
    • 除油粉
    • 除膜剂
  • 镀锌添加剂
    • 碱性无氰镀锌
    • 酸性氯化钾镀锌
    • 碱性锌镍合金
    • 酸性锌镍合金
    • 碱性锌铁合金
    • 钝化剂
  • 后处理封闭剂
  • 无氰电镀添加剂
  • 镀锡镀银
  • 化学镍
  • 铜、镍、铬添加剂
  • 化工原料

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